natalie (butteroffly) wrote in creatiiv,

34 twilight trailer icons

Tags: !fandom: twilight, !icons: twilight
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loved 31 :)
god damn summit for releasing all these wonderful goodies during 90% of all colleges exam week.
i know -_- i'm well and truly screwed for my exams. it's worse that i don't seem to care, hahah ♥
LOL @ 30-34. I saved 30 & 31 as well as a few others. :D
thanking you! ♥

Deleted comment

thanks ♥
lol, taking the Emmet one! and the studying one. So true dammit! XD
yay for emmett love ♥
30-34 are amazing. 31 is so damn true. I think I shall snag all five of those.
fab! ♥
#31 FTW!!
31 is so true! snagging and will credit!
haha, 31 is popular! ♥
I took 31 and 32...Will credit!
thanks ♥
HAHA! 31 is for me! XD

Great job!
i see an emmett!gangsta icon ♥♥♥♥


9 years ago

LOL. What's so gangsta about Emmett? XD
the hoodie :D


9 years ago

LOL'd at 31. def snagging.
thanks! ♥
Stealing 31
thanks for crediting ♥
Hahaha! 31 made me laugh so hard! I really do need to be studying for my AP US History test but that damn trailer keeps distracting me! XD
haha, i know that feeling. i should be studying now ♥
OMG 31 is explaining my life right now hahahahaha totally taking that one
they are really pretty!

I like 31 and 34 the best. maybe it just cus it's silver haha
haha, i think it's safe to say the twilight fans should not expect fabulous results :D with that said: GOOD LUCK XD
I am snagging #22 'cause guh. And I am also taking #31 because it is so damn true! Credit will be given. =D
yay for cullen-smile-snaggage :]
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